Building your list of materials required for a job from items in Stock and Availability Charts ready for purchasing is done through ‘Raw Materials’.

Raw Materials can be accessed in Jobman within each Job under the ‘Raw Materials’ Tab.

To add items to the raw material listing Click ‘Add Record’ 

 When searching for Availability Chart items in your Raw Materials tab, the following fields are available for you to define what you are looking for. (see below)

It is always a good idea if you do not know the product code to define the following.

  • Stock Type
  • Brand

Double clicking on any result in the two windows below will fill in the remaining blank fields. Always check the length, width, thickness and the quantity required are correct. Be sure that the supplier field is filled in for an Availability Chart item. This will assist in purchase orders being created easily.

Note: It is also possible to add a material to the order that does not exist in the Availability Charts and this will add to this order and also populate the Availability Charts. To do this simply select the pre-defined fields for Stock Type, Brand, Product Code, Price, Rate Type and Supplier and click OK.

Changing the source of a raw material

You can change the source of a raw material by opening that raw material and then double clicking on the appropriate line.

Creating a purchase order

A Purchase Order can be created from 1) within the specific Job via the Purchase Order Tab OR 2) from the Menu > Purchase Order grid itself. 



When all the Raw Materials have been collated and you wish to create a purchase order, select Purchase Orders and Generate Purchase Order.

In the New Purchase Order form select a Supplier. The Attention field is populated automatically if a contact person has been selected in the Contacts. 
Add new items by clicking 

Once you have saved the New Purchase Order form, it will be listed. Once the item has been delivered in full, the delivered amount will turn green and the required date will turn black.  

To edit, double-click anywhere in the row and you will see the below Purchase Order form.



From the Purchase Order grid, you can Add new items to an existing Purchase Order and/or generate a New Purchase Order for a Job. 
To add new items to an existing Purchase Order, select the PO, select Add More.., select whether you want to add items from any Job (for the indicated supplier) or only from the Job associated to the PO. If choosing to show item from all Jobs, the grid will load items that you can then select to add to the existing PO. 

Splitting a purchase order 

Purchase orders can be split to create a new purchase order for products or items that never arrived or was not included on the invoice from the supplier. You can choose which items you want to split even if nothing has arrived. This is done by clicking on the split button as shown below and then ticking the items you want to split into a new purchase order. 


Purchase Order formats can be configured in Jobman by configuring the values within the SPLIT_PURCHASE_ORDERS_BY_JOB – config variable.

This config variable can be found under Admin/Extra/Config and you search for ‘Purchase Order’  in the bottom right search bar .



Batch Purchasing is configured in Jobman by setting the SPLIT_PURCHASE_ORDERS_BY_JOB – config variable with the Value field set as No (N). The orders then created from Raw Materials in various Jobs can be placed into one single batched purchase order to a supplier for multiple jobs. This assists with avoiding multiple delivery fees from suppliers as all Purchases Order requisitions are consolidated in one single order. 



Purchase Orders can be separated by Job number when by configuring the SPLIT_PURCHASE_ORDERS_BY_JOB – config variable and setting the Value field set as YES (Y). The orders then created from Raw Materials in the Jobs will be placed into a purchase order with page breaks between items with different job numbers to a supplier.


This variable gives you the option to receive a notification when your purchase order has been read.


This variable provides you with an option whether or not you would prefer the list of Job Raw Materials in Jobs that are ”Closed’ to show up in the list of possible items to order, when creating a purchase order.

This config variable can be found under Admin/Extra/Config and you search for ‘Raw material’  in the bottom right search bar .

NOTE :  The default Value is always set to No (N) therefore if the Job is ‘Closed’ or ‘Finished’,  items listed in the Job Raw materials will not show up in the list of items to order in the Purchase Ordering screen.