August 2022

03 Aug   Bugfix for lead values not being calculated when the quote is updated Bugfix  
03 Aug   Bugfix for grids that support grouping, occasionally “going wacky” when adjusting column widths, and they were not displaying in grouped mode. Bugfix  
03 Aug   Ensuring that the quote report shows the customer for the parent lead   Bugfix  
03 Aug    Performance improvement for showing the Contact Person form, especially when lots of contacts are present in the system. Enhancement  
03 Aug   Adding ability to set the “From” email address for all email communications for the business.  Unlike setting the “SERVER_EMAIL_ADDRESS”, this is intended for use with SMTP servers like Postmark, and will not set the Reply To address to the staff member who is sending the mail. Enhancement  
03 Aug   Bugfix for showing alerts in the jobs form  Bugfix
03 Aug   Bugfix for calculating the next lead operation displayed on the lead grid, where in certain circumstances an inactive lead operation type would be shown.  Bugfix
10 Aug   Added an Accessories table to JMSync to query accessories on the report. Enhancement
10 Aug   Bugfix, where adding a full quote to an invoice the system would not respect the “Match quote template” tickbox. Bugfix