August 2023

2nd August Bugfix for Touchscreen labels, where the completion date wasn’t being set correctly. Bugfix
2nd August Bugfix to prevent a “Could not connect to database” error, when logging operations as completed on the touchscreen, and the operation triggers an email, and that device hasn’t been logged into for a few hours. Bugfix
8th August Bugfix for Xero integration, to solve a loop of sending data to and from Xero, that was causing issues. Bugfix
15th August Adding estimated and actual time columns to the agenda screens. Enhancement
22nd August Bugfix for job status reverting to old value after a checklist is updated, in a rare edge case related to timing. Bugfix
22nd August Bugfix for picklist erroneously always showing partially picked items as having the source of Purchase Order, even if that item was picked from stock. Bugfix
22nd August Bugfix for lead agenda screen to show operations that have been completed Bugfix
22nd August Adding extra Job columns to the Purchase Order Detail report. Enhancement
22nd August Adding config variable INVOICE_AUTOMATICALLY_SUBTRACT_PREVIOUSLY_INVOICED_QUOTE_ITEMS which enables the user to turn off the automatic consideration of quotes that have been previously invoiced. Enhancement
22nd August Increase precision of unit price in Warehouse Items to 4 decimal places. Enhancement
29th August Adding ability to print all job specs for a given job, at once. Enhancement
29th August Bugfix for Hafele integration, where the token was not being reset due to a time zone issue Bugfix
29th August Collate the lines of your purchase order to show only one line of an ordered product rather than separate lines for separate jobs. Enhancement