If troubleshooting is not successful and your issue persists or your question is not listed in the FAQ’s, please contact our Support team.

Q. Jobman is not displaying correctly.

A. Are you using Google Chrome as your browser and is it up to date?

Q. I can’t connect to my server. 

A. Is your server turned on? Sometimes it can get turned off after a Windows or other update.

Q. I can’t connect to Jobman.

A. Make sure you are connected to the internet and your router is functioning correctly. Sometimes restarting your router or modem can fix the problem.

Q. I have made changes and they are not showing.

A. Generally changes will only show when you create a new Job or Lead. Press the F5 key to refresh the page.

Q. One of my windows in Jobman seems to be stuck and I can’t move it.

A. Sometimes this will happen when you try and drag a window between two screens. You can reset this by going into staff and pressing the delete user preferences button. (see below)

Q. The save button is not enabled.

A. The save button will not be enabled if there are required fields to be entered or if the status does not allow editing, for example an accepted quote.

Q. I keep getting small parts adding to my availability chart.

A. In your Products the parts have been set to ‘Populate Raw Materials’. If you change this to False it will no longer add items to your availability chart.

Q. My site isn’t showing all the features that are shown in the Academy.

A. Jobman has many features and some of the features shown may not have been purchased in your Jobman package. If there are any features you are interested in, please contact us for a quote.

Q. Some staff members can’t access some operations.

A. Check the Staff Type and the operations you have set for that staff member.

Q. Why is there a warning sign next to my checklist button?

A. This is because no target dates have been saved in the checklist. Jobman is target date driven so it is important that these targets are populated.

Q. The quote is not showing up in the dropdown when I am raising an invoice.

A. Make sure you have changed the quote to ‘Quote Accepted” as only accepted quotes will show in the invoice dropdown.

Q. I voided an invoice in my accounting software, and need to create a new invoice for that lead/job, how do I do this correctly?

1. Mark the invoice status in Jobman as ‘Deleted’.
2. Create a new invoice in Jobman with the new details.
3. This invoice will flow across to your accounting package as normal with a new invoice number. 

Q: Why can some of my colleagues see and do things in Jobman that I cannot? 

A: User permissions and access to different areas in Jobman including the ability to do certain modifications such as delete are dependent on the users staff type and also their access level. For more information on this, see https://jobmanacademy.wpengine.com/topic/staff-3/