Mar 5Allowing “Job closed” status to be shown on jobs that don’t have a task in that status.Usability
Mar 5Bugfix for lead form printout getting distorted when images are present in the printoutBugfix
Mar 5Adding Contact Email field to lead grid, and also lead reportUsability
Mar 5Job Time Report to Include Staff Costs – only if the logged in user has “Payroll” accessUsability
Mar 12Bugfix for the target calendar, where it wouldn’t ask you if you wanted to move other lead targets around, when moving a lead target.Bugfix
Mar 12Bugfix for activity sheet sometimes ignoring the filters at the top of the screen (happens when the “refresh” button is pressed)Bugfix
Mar 12Xero Authentication IssueBugfix
Mar 12Bugfix for the Job Cost report, to also include job raw materials that weren’t assigned a source.  Also adding in a “Value” column for Job Raw Materials, which shows the calculated value of those job raw materials.Bugfix
Mar 12Preventing job appliance printouts from having rooms with a page break in the middle of them.Usability
Mar 12Bugfix for HTML being added to corro when savingBugfix
Mar 12Bugfix for the Job Time report freezing, when no filters are applied and the “refresh” button is pressed.Bugfix
Mar 12‘Long Term Capacity Planning’ > Addition of staff per operation in the checklist so as to allow for better schedulingEnhancement
Mar 12Product Code to Display on Pick List in warehouse itemsUsability
Mar 12Cleaning up Financial report: making raw material summary more accurate, adding summary for the various groups, making report stretch properlyUsability
Mar 12When creating an invoice you can select if you only want to bring across items that are shown on the quote printout. For example, if only headings and subtotals are selected in the quote template, then only headings and subtotals will be added to this invoice.Enhancement
Mar 12Bugfix for target calendar day view not printing out itemsBugfix
Mar 12Allowing screens that are being used by non-logged in users (eg, agenda screens) to save column positions.Usability
Mar 12Bugfix for the touchscreen always requiring percent complete to be changed, even when the config variable was set to N.Bugfix
Mar 12Bugfix for lead value not updating when a quote is deletedBugfix
Mar 12Bugfix for touchscreen occasionally showing the client’s name as “undefined”.Bugfix
Mar 13Bugfix for Long Term capacity planning panel not showing data for the very last day in the date rangeBugfix
Mar 13Bugfix for capacity planning not handling production specs properly when they are set to “ANY”Bugfix
Mar 16Bugfix for purchase orders occasionally not updating their totals, when a purchase order item is updated.Bugfix
Mar 16 New popup window when editing quote items, when QUOTE_ITEM_SHOW_TOOLBAR is set to ‘Y’.  This should make it easier to edit quote item details in HTML.Usability
Mar 16 Adding in functionality to handle lead detail template replacement variables.  These are of the form {$LeadDetail.QuestionName}.  These are also available to job templates, if the job was created from a lead.Enhancement
Mar 16 Add field to Job Statuses set up where user can nominate if this status should show even when not present in checklist.Enhancement
Mar 18 Bugfix for Xero integration occasionally failing, when a very large set of invoices were sent across.Bugfix
Mar 18 Adding list of operation time totals as columns to the Job Time report.  This allows you to see at a glance how much time was spent on machining for the jobs that were worked on yesterday, for example.Enhancement
Mar 18 Making Job File and Lead File confirmation message say that it has uploaded 1 file, instead of 0 files.Bugfix
Mar 18 Bugfix for production specs showing inactive labour centresBugfix
Mar 18 Updating display of lead and job grid, to show that the “Show Finished Jobs/Leads” checkbox is not used when the user chooses a status to display.Usability
Mar 25 Change layout of products dropdown when in a quoteUsability
Mar 25 Bugfix for MYOB integration: Limit the purchase order comment field to 255 characters, also slight speed increase in certain circumstancesBugfix
Mar 25 Bugfix for leave totals not going across to Xero correctlyBugfix