March 2022

Mar 01   Bugfix for quote preset appending, to allow the appending to work for all import types, not just ORDX files   Bugfix  
Mar 01   Performance improvement when entering times into the timesheet   Enhancement  
Mar 01   Fix issue with OneDrive for new saving attachments functionality   Bugfix  
Mar 01   Improvements to the way that the woocommerce import handles CSV files   Enhancement  
Mar 02   Update to MYOB integration, so that we can see all items when commissioning integration   Enhancement  
Mar 02   Add “Append preset” to importing of quote items   Enhancement  
Mar 03   Bugfix for labour calculations in quotes, where in very specific circumstances the labour would be recalculated when opening a section in a quote that had already been finalised   Bugfix  
Mar 03   Bugfix for timesheets not handling lead efforts properly   Bugfix  
Mar 08   Bugfix for Job Forms, where the printout may occasionally show questions that were not required to be shown   Bugfix  
Mar 09   Adding Room Type dropdown for job forms, as well as adding replacement variables for the Job Forms. The new replacement variables are as follows: {$JobForm.Name}, {$JobForm.Notes}, {$JobForm.Areas}   Enhancement  
Mar 10   Disabling the field entry for Bay Location in the Job Raw Materials   Useability  
Mar 14   Bugfix for warehouse items sorting by ‘value’ columns, causing the grid to go blank   Bugfix  
Mar 14   Bugfix for quote losing the time portion from the quote date, when saving a quote   Bugfix  
Mar 16   Bugfix for apostrophes in spec question names   Bugfix  
Mar 17   Adding “Order date” column to the purchase order items report   Enhancement  
Mar 22   Bugfix for calculating invoice total, when an item has no tax rate set properly   Bugfix  
Mar 22   Bugfix for when using Sections to Work Orders, where the site address wasn’t being populated properly in the newly created work orders   Bugfix  
Mar 23   Bugfix for searching inside the quote item report   Bugfix  
Mar 23   Upgrade / refactor system to calculate operation times from accepted quotes   Enhancement  
Mar 23   Updating the “Set up” routine within Job Tasks, to move existing tasks around, if the job status for the parent operation has changed   Enhancement