November 2021

Nov 01   Bugfix for the warning alert image showing, even when targets have been set for a job   Bugfix  
Nov 02   Improvement the instructions/error message when upload files that are not images to Alerts   Useability  
Nov 03   Bugfix for Xero integration, to ensure that the tax rate is sent between Jobman and Xero, when creating and updating invoices   Bugfix  
Nov 04   Bugfix for times being allocated to a parent job, when those times should be allocated to work orders that were indicated to use those accepted quote items   Bugfix  
Nov 07   Bugfix for operations page refreshing job   Bugfix  
Nov 08   Performance improvement for purchase order grid   Enhancement  
Nov 09   Allowing subtraction of previous lead invoices, inside a linked job   Useabilty  
Nov 17   Bugfix for alert emails, that were sending UTF-8 characters inside an HTML email, that were being rendered as strange combinations of characters   Bugfix  
Nov 19   Allowing the selection of invoice account in a stock type, to influence the invoice item’s account code.   Useability  
Nov 22   Bugfix for blank tasks causing the next and previous job task columns to show as blank   Bugfix  
Nov 24   Make MYOB integration handle invoices from purchase orders   Enhancement  
Nov 24   Microvellum CSV File Import into Job Raw Materials Development   Enhancement  
Nov 24   Created the ability to invoice percentages of quantities for progress claims   Enancement  
Nov 25   Cabinet Vision materials csv.file import available in the Job Raw Material   Useability  
Nov 25   Created the ability to pull in mobile number from MYOB on intial synchronisation   Enhancement  
Nov 25   Update to Woocommerce import, which allows importing of an entire lead, with customer and order details coming in, with the one import   Enhancement  
Nov 26   Bugfix for invoice grid not handling column resizing properly   Bugfix