Job Product Labels and Barcodes

Populating Assemblies into Jobman from Cabinet Vision can be done with the aid of SyncBack Pro. This feature will allow for the tracking of your Assemblies as they go through their paces.

Find details in the Using Jobman Course >Products Lesson>JOB PRODUCT LABELS AND BARCODES

Cabinet Labels or Part Labels can incorporate a QR Code that can be inserted into your software for tracking manufactured products. Below are examples of this working in Cabinet Vision V11. 

The above QR code read CV%J9004%A1 and  CV%J9004%A17 which you can test with your phone camera on most devices.

Free cabinet report for S2M Centre V11 onwards. Use CV packaging to import. Assistance with this may attract charges.

S2M JM QR Cabinet Label Report CV11

This list will allow for Cabinet checklists to be created from the Touch Screen.

Products on the list can be checked off manually by ticking each individual box or via a wireless or Bluetooth scanner connected to the tablet or PC running the software. 

When the Product list ‘Total’ and the ‘Ticked’ number values match, these fields go green. This means that all products have been checked off within the particular status or product operation in which the checklist is being carried out under.