August 2021

Aug 4  Bugfix – enable handling of huge images (several thousand pixels in both dimensions) when uploaded to templates.  Bugfix 
Aug 4  Increasing logging for every request/response for OneDrive  Usability 
Aug 4  Laminex CSV export for Purchase Orders  Enhancement 
Aug 11  Bugfix for importing “ORD” files from Cabinet Vision, to bring this into line with the other quote item imports.  This will resolve a rare bug to do with the pricing of products that didn’t match the price when adding that product.   Bugfix 
Aug 11  Bugfix for creating folder in Onedrive  Bugfix 
Aug 12  Bugfix with onedrive ampersand in upload filename  Bugfix 
Aug 13  Bugfix for viewing a job in the financial report causing the system to stop remembering state variables.  Bugfix 
Aug 14  Fix bug with sorting on job status no using the sort order  Bugfix 
Aug 15  Standardizing Invoice template placeholders to make them easier to use.  Useability 
Aug 16  Performance improvement when duplicating quotes  Enhancement 
Aug 17  Bugfix: Preventing the lead grid from double requesting the lead data on first load of the grid in certain circumstances.  Bugfix 
Aug 19  Adding system to handle bounced emails when using Postmark  Enhancement 
Aug 20  Updating MYOB integration to handle nominated Contact Person, ABN and Country.  Useability 
Aug 23  Adding the ability to remember window size to the checklist window from with leads or jobs, the lead window from within a job, and the contact window from within a lead or job  Useability 
Aug 24  Linking the Job Raw Material OrderAfter date to the Purchase Order OrderDate, rather than the current system date.  Enhancement 
Aug 25  Adding extra filter for “Include Work Orders” in Purchase Order Item report  Enhancement 
Aug 26  Handling differences in tax calculations between Jobman and Xero for Invoices. This will resolve an issue where sometimes invoices in Xero will be out by a cent or two compared to Jobman.  Enhancement 
Aug 27  Adding Barlow font to site, to speed up PDF printouts, as this is now not dependant on google apis.  Useabilty