September 2021

Sept 01   Performance improvement for printing lead appliance form.   Enhancement  
Sept 02   Bugfix for pasting text into Sections, where sometimes the pasting operation would fail and leave the text unable to be edited.   Bugfix  
Sept 03   Performance improvement for saving individual purchase order items.   Enhancement  
Sept 06   Bugfix for the capacity planning page, where in very rare circumstances the labour centre selector would not filter the correct data.   Bugfix  
Sept 07   Add job raw material picklist to tablet interface.   Usability  
Sept 08   Blanking out the comments field after pausing on the mobile operations touchscreen.   Usability  
Sept 09   Bugfix for adding purchase order items directly from the availability chart, before selecting the relevant supplier.  The list was sometimes not keeping the data once the proper supplier was chosen.   Bugfix  
Sept 10   Adding thousands separator to the quote item subtotal printout.   Enhancement  
Sept 13   Allow items in warehouse to be split into different lines, if they have different prices.   Usability  
Sept 14   When purchase order items are received from a non-preferred supplier, the stock should automatically get assigned with the preferred supplier ID.   Enhancement  
Sept 14   Make contact detail text fields wider (expand with window)   Usability  
Sept 14   Adding columns in CSV file   Enhancement  
Sept 15   Bugfix – contact name is coming across as false   Bugfix  
Sept 16   Migrate QuoteItemTypeID to ensure is TEXT   Bugfix