Jan 2Speed improvements for job agenda screensOptimisation
Jan 3Making email triggers be sent at midnight, instead of being related to the target timeBugfix
Jan 3Speed improvements for showing the Job listOptimisation
Jan 4Bugfix for emailing purchase orders that were removing the order dateBugfix
Jan 7Making the Job Corro screen stretch when dimensions are changed.Bugfix
Jan 7Touchscreen, cut off button text fixed for Safari. Added multi-image select for alerts and added scrolling on image edit popup.Bugfix
Jan 8Changing the “Efforts” tab in the timesheet to “Attendance”, which is linked to the staff member who is logged in.Feature
Jan 9Added option to hide Quote Style Type confirmation popup, dependent on optional entry in config table.Feature
Jan 9Handling efforts that span over two daysBugfix
Jan 16Added a link to phone number in Target Maps. Linked Site Address to Google Maps.Feature
Jan 16Added the ability to delete associated Work Orders when deleting Jobs.Feature
Jan 21Added functionality to add profit percentage to products and contacts separately, for quotingFeature
Jan 22Updated Job Cost report to sue the Invoiced value, not the Job value (based on the config variable JOB_COST_REPORT_USE_INVOICED_VALUE_FOR_PROFIT_CALCULATION)Enhancement
Jan 23Added filter for “Spec Question Group” on the Spec Question pageFeature
Jan 24All customers contacts now show up in the quote email formFeature
Jan 24Making Staff Time and Attendance report print out the same as how the report looks in the form viewBugfix
Jan 24Speed improvement for saving purchase order detailsEnhancement
Jan 24Added Buy Price total and Profit margin for SubTotal to Quote.Enhancement
Jan 29Preventing deleted products from being shown in the product dropdown menuBugfix
Jan 30Allowing staff to just ‘log on’ to leads and jobs, and it will automatically stretch the previous entry to where you logged into.Bugfix