Feb 1Highlight quote item fields on focus for easy editingEnhancement
Feb 1Add checkbox to sundry items to select if profit and overhead values should be calculated. Also includes bug fix for Sundry Buy Price and Sell Price.Enhancement
Feb 1Adding additional customer contacts to the contacts CSV exportEnhancement
Feb 4Adding new Alert reportFeature
Feb 4Adding “Installer” filter to the Job reportEnhancement
Feb 4Missing Alert text details added to printout.Bugfix
Feb 7Fix issue on touchscreen for Leads, where “Complete” button was disabled when no labour centre was selected.Bugfix
Feb 7Added missing hardware item prices in quotes.Bugfix
Feb 8Bugfix for assigning stock to warehouse from availability chart, when a very similar item was already in stock.Bugfix
Feb 11Changing behaviour of emails when multiple recipients are selected. Emails will now be sent, showing everyone else in the “To” field when multiple recipients are selected.Enhancement
Feb 8Making staff type “Payroll” only have access to the staff pay detailsEnhancement
Feb 11New checkbox in Agenda screens, called “Allow Partially completed operations”, which allows projects to show in the agenda screen, when the given item has been partially completed.Feature
Feb 12Added suburb name to the clickable google maps link on the job and lead gridEnhancement
Feb 12Allowing Job Spec Questions to behave differently in the printout – ability to adjust number of columns just in the printout, and to hide N/A questions.Feature
Feb 12Bugfix for logging into a job in the mobile interface, when people are using the work order separator inside a job number, eg. 1234.5.6. This bugfix also shows a validation error inside the job, suggesting that putting a full stop inside a job number is not recommended.Bugfix
Feb 13Added Additional Notes to the customer form and also added it to the list of available template variablesEnhancement
Feb 13Tightening up the Job Spec printout to remove a lot of whitespaceenhancement
Feb 13Updating lead title block in appliances, to show the Lead project nameEnhancement
Feb 13Bugfix for Job Corro not saving the corro type when emailing a new Job Corro recordBugfix
Feb 14Updating the Job Appliance Detail printoutEnhancement
Feb 15Making Sundries automatically be enabledFeature
Feb 15Allowing selection of whether quotes should hide N/A job spec questions, and the job spec printout should hide them as well.Enhancement
Feb 19Updating Appliance Brand Order to sort properly.Bugfix
Feb 19Making Job Spec Form retain saved window sizeBugfix
Feb 19Adding “Duplicate” button in Job Appliance DetailsEnhancemnt
Feb 19Ensuring that when creating a job or lead from a customer, the window will fit on browsers that have limited spaceBugfix
Feb 19Speed improvement when showing lots of purchase order detail items (like in the purchase order detail report)Enhancement
Feb 19Changing look of job spec printout, putting “Job Specs” into the title, adding horizontal lines to the job spec printoutEnhancement
Feb 19Allowing selection of order date when viewing purchase order detail reportEnhancement
Feb 20Bugfix for showing the tablet Job File panel in Safari/iOS when the user has lots of state variables savedBugfix
Feb 20Bugfix for the tablet checklist when the client has a large number of checklist operations, and is viewing the site in Safari/iOSBugfix
Feb 21Find a preset items by commencing typing rather than clicking and scrolling down the list.Usability
Feb 21Handling Chrome update where it really tries hard to autofill password fields, when editing your own staff recordBugfix
Feb 22Allowing MYOB integration to handle service invoicesEnhancement
Feb 22Append any open alerts to the end of the jobs email triggerEnhancement
Feb 22Handling square metre rate in availability chart items, when entering quote and quote preset itemsBugfix
Feb 25Fixed some Quote field widths on Quote form to stretch properlyBugfix
Feb 25Handling case where someone ticks a checklist item as complete, and then changes the completion percentage to something less than 100%.Bugfix
feb 25Adding job/lead number and project name to the bottom of job spec printouts, when the [doctitle] has been added to the footer.Enhancement
Feb 26Changing job specs to be able to update the template that surrounds the job spec.Enhancement
Feb 26Bugfix for adjusting quantities of job raw materials when items were assigned from stockBugfix
Feb 27Turning off Stock Categories, as these weren’t being usedUsability
Feb 28Allow saving new Availability Chart Items when the preferred supplier is blankBugfix