January 2024


09 JanuaryAllowing rate types to be set up in such a way, that purchase orders items can be priced based on a square metre rate, instead of a sheet size.Enhancement
16 JanuaryJM2 migration: Handling situation where old quotes were made with style types that have subsequently been deletedBugfix
16 JanuaryBugfix for purchase orders occasionally creating duplicate invoices for the same purchase order, when that purchase order is marked as “Delivered”.Bugfix
16 JanuaryBugfix for matching up records between JM1 and JM2Bugfix
30 JanuaryEnsuring that job tasks update their target dates in JM2 to exactly the same date as in JM1, without considering capacity.Bugfix
30 JanuaryBugfix for sending target dates to JM2, when that target already exists in JM2, and the target date has been locked.  This change will unlock the target before sending the new data to JM2, and then re-lock the target afterwards.Bugfix
30 JanuarySending priorities to JM2.Bugfix