JULY 2019


July 1Added Sundry items to Products. Added Sundry items to Tooltips in Quotes.Enhancement
July 5Added default Job Status to new Jobs and new Work Orders. Default based on lowest JobStatusOrder value.Usability
July 8Bugfix for printing quotes with more than one relevant job specBugfix
July 9Bugfix for showing purchase order items inside a job for a new purchase orderBugfix
July 10Adding code to allow Invoice Accounts to link to a MYOB Item number, when MYOB Item invoices are used. This means that when making invoices in Jobman, just the account can be chosen, and it will send across a relevant item number to MYOB, which will then turn around and choose the correct account.Enhancement
July 12Bugfix for some items on agenda screen showing target dates, when that target is marked as “NA”.Bugfix
July 15Bugfix for some reports showing a paging toolbar that didn’t page correctly.Bugfix
July 16Bugfix for Job status sometimes not updating properlyBugfix
July 16Bugfix for allowing multiple Product Labour items in a quote blockBugfix
July 17New report for Productivity, which shows the amount of job value that has been produced in a specified timeframe, for a certain operation.Enhancement
July 18Bugfix when creating invoice from a quote, where that quote has a percentage applied to it.Bugfix
July 18Bugfix for target calendar printout sometimes showing errorsBugfix
July 18Bugfix for sorting by Job Number or Project Name in the StaffTimeAndAttendance reportBugfix
July 18Add Installer to the Target Calendar screenEnhancement
July 19Changing renderer in some reports, from showing hours:minutes, to showing a decimal hours figure. This makes it easier for people to double check figures in a spreadsheet.Usability
July 22Bugfix for job raw materials not deleting lines from the picklist, when that job raw material was deletedBugfix
July 22Bugfix for job raw materials sometimes not showing the correct received date, when that raw material was in a split P/OBugfix
July 23Stopping the escape key from closing windows by default.Usability
July 23Changing effort Duration column to use decimal hours, instead of raw seconds values.Usability
July 24Add Project Manager to the list of filters on the Target CalendarUsaibility
July 25Bugfix for the Job Delivery Add record form not working properlyBugfix
July 30Large change for usability on the Touchscreen and Mobile interfaces. These changes should make the touchscreen and mobile interfaces easier to use, and more intuitive.Usability
July 30Changes to security system on some pages. This means that the touchscreen, agenda screens, and mobile screen will require a valid login (once per device). After this login, the devices can use Jobman as often as they like. If the device is not used to access Jobman for a period of more than 3 months, then a password will be required again.Security
July 30Bugfix for showing the agenda screen on the tablet interfaceBugfix
July 31Bugfix for showing the job leads grid, when sorting by the “ID” fieldBugfix
July 31Making the PDF footer text smallerEnhancement
July 31Bugfix for sending purchase orders when job number has a space in itBugfix
July 31Changing mobile touchscreen to keep the user logged in.Usability