JUNE 2019


June 4Removed Jobman Admin staff from contacts drop-downs and lists.Enhancement
June 4Made Job Appliance Detail form autofill the brand field when certain job appliances are chosen.Usability
June 4Added room name to footer of job spec printoutsEnhancement
June 4Made Product Parts disabled by default.Usability
June 5Bugfix for purchase orders, where the user would enter some information in the purchase order, then hit “Email” and old information would get emailed.Bugfix
June 5Adding “Show” button to the Purchase Order form, next to the “Supplier” button.Enhancement
June 5Widened the default search field at the bottom of grids.Usability
June 5Limited the items in the “possible” grid when making a new purchase order, based on the selected supplier.Usability
June 6Added tool tip to ‘Multiple’ Job Numbers in Purchase Order to show all Job Numbers involved.Enhancement
June 6Improved search function in Purchase Order to find any Job Number included in Purchase Orders.Enhancement
June 12Making quote columns stretch to fill the screenBugfix
June 12Allowing Styles to select a price matrix, to use for pricing product items/partsFeature
June 18Allowing the touchscreen to show the Alerts button, when users haven’t logged in using the ‘normal’ login process.Usability
June 20Forcing users to choose a task when filling out their timesheetUsability
June 20Adding new report for calculating staff costs.Feature
June 20Creating a new Materials to be Ordered reportFeature
June 20Bugfix for outputting the JobSpecQuestionAnswer correctlyBugfix
June 20Allowing Job Forms to use Room Types, which will limit the questions that will be shown when editing the job form.Enhancement
June 20Making the finish filter field wider on the availability chartEnhancement
June 20Adding ability to show targets on agenda screensEnhancement
June 21Updating corro display so that signatures are shown when editing the corro. You can also put the placeholder {$EmailSignature} into the corro templates, which will put the signature inside the template.Enhancement
June 25Adding ability to split job raw material assignments, to use stock first, and then the rest should come in via a purchase order.Enhancement
June 25Adding ability to preset classifications for productsUsability
June 26Adding Job Spec PresetsEnhancement
June 27Ability to select Timesheet Tasks with the keyboard for Jobs and Leads. Added mandatory Task for Leads. Made ComboBoxes change width when resizing form.Usability