July 2023

5th July Bugfix for MYOB Integration, where when a payment is reconciled against an invoice in MYOB, this doesn’t mark the invoice as fully paid in Jobman. Bugfix
5th July Allowing the Job Details on email triggers to be turned off site-wide by the use of the config variable SHOW_JOB_DETAILS_ON_EMAIL_TRIGGERS. Enhancement
5th July Adding customer name to list of customers, when emailing a quote. Enhancement
12th July Bugfix for creating a job from a lead, where the job value might be set to 0 in very specific circumstances relating to staff access levels and ability to see lead values. Bugfix
12th July Adding Source and Brand filters to Raw Material report, which allows the user to find all the Raw Materials that haven’t been ordered for a particular job. Enhancement
12th July Bugfix for corro template when sending corro for a specified customer, where the contact person details wouldn’t be replaced. Bugfix
12th July Bugfix for Xero integration, to ensure that dates set in invoices in Xero, get transferred back to Jobman Bugfix
12th July Bugfix for quote item section name occasionally showing the wrong information, especially when using labour items. Bugfix
19th July Updating alert behaviour to email responsible people when the alert description is updated. Enhancement
 26th July Bugfix for calculating labour times for accepted quotes, where occasionally some sections in non-accepted quotes would be counted. Bugfix
26th July Allowing negative variations. Enhancement
26th July  Bugfix for Financial Report to include Material Costs from work orders when the “Include Work Orders in totals” checkbox is ticked.  Bugfix