May 2023

10th May Adding CSV exporting to Financial report when viewing a specific job. Enhancement
10th May Adding new replacement variables for job applicance printouts: {$Appliance.ReceivedDate} {$Appliance.ReceivedDateDisplay} {$Appliance.ReceivedByStaffName} Enhancement
10th May Disabling Hafele Upload, due to longer term unavailability of the Hafele API. Notification
10th May Bugfix for handling stock going into the warehouse, where if a PO was split, and part of the order was picked from the store, then the picklist would erroneously show just received stock as being already picked. Bugfix
10th May Bugfix for Job Time Report not opening if some operation names had double quotes in them. Bugfix
17th May Preventing quote sections from being shown on the Quote report Bugfix
17th May Allowing values of leads and jobs to be hidden from the trigger emails Enhancement
24th May Allowing xero integration to handle rate limit issues when sending raw requests (not requestArray calls) Enhancement
24th May Allowing the Dispatch touchscreen to be able to save pallets at different warehouses for the one job. Enhancement
24th May Performance improvement for showing the quote window, when lots of quotes already exist in the system. Enhancement