March 2023

1st March Bugfix for state handling, where multiple states sent at once were not being handled properly. Bugfix
8th March Performance improvement when making many work orders from the one parent lead, using the sections to work orders allocation code. Enhancement
22nd March Bugfix for lead checklist timing out when making a new job, when the job is very complicated with lots of work orders. Bugfix
22nd March Allowing job raw materials to be partially picked from the warehouse Enhancement
22nd March Adding ability to use Sharepoint shared folders, instead of a personal OneDrive folder. Enhancement
22nd March Bugfix for staff type not restricting staff from viewing certain reports. Bugfix
29th March Bugfix for printing quote subtotals, where the quote subtotal is negative, and certain items are hidden on the printout.  Bugfix
 29th March Ensuring that the quote item discount field shows the discount amount, even for sections.  Enhancement
 29th March Allowing restriction of certain staff levels, from seeing values in the warehouse items.  Enhancement