April 2023

5th April Bugfix for quote item subtotals not being hidden when they should have been hidden due to being zero. Bugfix
5th April Bugfix to ensure that values columns are shown in the Stock Items report if the staff member has access to see the values. Bugfix
12th April Improving automatic text handling, when converting a quote item to an invoice item (especially when making a quote item from a section that has been formatted in HTML). Enhancement
12th April Bugfix for Appliance Type not showing the list of Appliance Types in the correct order. Enhancement
12th April Showing the latest operation comment for a particular labour centre, on the agenda screen.  This allows a user to flag a problem using their timesheet, which then shows up on the agenda screen. Enhancement
19th April Add a Job filtering function to the capacity planning report. Enhancement
19th April Preventing inaccuracy in the number of items in the warehouse, when a user opens the warehouse items, then hits Picklist, then marks items as removed, and then saves the form (which re-saves the old value). Bugfix
26th April Adding ability to handle Cabinet Vision 8 uploads using JMSync Enhancement