November 2022

2 Nov   Bugfix for sending Job Corro when inside a work order, and the user had pressed “show” on the parent job Bugfix
2 Nov   Adding “DeliveryDate” to the list of replacement variables for the Target Calendar Template Enhancement
2 Nov   Bugfix for stock item change log report window that wasn’t stretching properly. Bugfix
9 Nov   Performance improvement for showing a list of job files, which means that if the cloud file provider is slow, the user will still be able to use the rest of the system while waiting for the list of files to show. Enhancement
22 Nov   Adding ability to automatically set the “Required by” date for job raw materials, to match a given job target. Enhancement
30 Nov   Bugfix for job task durations not matching up with the size of the box in the target calendar, when someone updates an already accepted quote in the linked lead for that job. Bugfix