February 2023

1st Feb Allowing the products phone interface to scan many different barcode protocols, not just QR codes. Enhancement
8th Feb  Updating quote item report, to show: * Section name when displaying the section parent quote item * Parent quote number for quote items that are inside a section * Ability to show quote item report in a format where it’s grouped by section name to Items. Enhancement
15th Feb Allowing QBO integration to handle a plugin to QBO that saves projects into the Customer table. Enhancement
15th Feb Bugfix for Xero integration, so that when the API returns a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded, our software would wait for long enough to allow the rate limit restriction to ease. Bugfix
22nd Feb Bugfix for job list occasionally showing the wrong “Next Target”. Bugfix
22nd Feb Updating Cabinet Vision integration to handle Sheet Sizes. Enhancement
22nd Feb Updates to JM2 integration, to allow linking to QA sites, not just live sites. Enhancement