October 2023

  04/10/2023 Updating purchase order item report to allow searching for purchase order items that haven’t been invoiced. Enhancement
04/10/2023 Adding config variable to allow people to select how many columns to display job details in. Enhancement
04/10/2023 Handling the case where Job Raw Materials were put into a PO, but then the PO was deleted. This change ensures that the “Ordered Date” and “Ordered By” fields are emptied when the PO is deleted. Enhancement
04/10/2023 Bugfix for invoice items not saving properly. Bugfix
04/10/2023 Bugfix for alerts not sending an updated notification to existing staff, if a new staff member was added to this list. Bugfix
04/10/2023 Adding Purchase Orders to the JM1 -> JM2 Migration. Enhancement
04/10/2023 Updating cabinet vision integration so that when assemblies are imported to Job Products, these will try to use a matching Product Type if that product exists in the Jobman database. Enhancement
11/10/2023 ‘Help’ button added to site next to ‘Log Out’ – directs to the Academy where you can search help articles or send a support ticket. Enhancement
11/10/2023 Adding “{$PurchaseOrder.JobNumber}” and “{$PurchaseOrder.ProjectName}” replacement variables to the purchase order replacement template variables. Enhancement
18/10/2023 Adding configuration variable PDF_ORIENTATION_JOB_SPEC which can be set to either “Portrait” or “Landscape”, which allows Job Specs to be printed out in the desired orientation. Enhancement
18/10/2023 Bugfix for lead files not showing the contents of the lead folder, when the lead folder name doesn’t quite match the lead folder name specification. Bugfix
18/10/2023 Changing default sort order for contact persons to be by first name, not surname Enhancement
18/10/2023 Allowing job task variables to be replaced inside email trigger subject lines Enhancement
18/10/2023 Updating job form to only save the record if data was changed. This should resolve some issues to do with multiple users hitting “save” simultaneously. Enhancement
18/10/2023 Adding Package Quantity to the touchscreen for Products Enhancement