APRIL 2019


Apr 1Adding Job Forms (similar to Job Specs)Enhancement
Apr 1Parts in Products. Availability Chart items or Style Types.Enhancement
Apr 1Allowing brands to link to supplier customers that are of a different type to the default “Supplier”. This is now based on the customer type, and whether that customer type can have a purchase order.Bugfix
Apr 2Making Pay Rate Award form stretch properlyBugfix
Apr 2Changing order of tabs in the Pay Rate Award formUsability
Apr 2Allow multiple email addresses to be put into the purchase order cc config variableBugfix
Apr 4Removed the Add Record button from the Attendance tab on the TimesheetBugfix
Apr 8Bugfix for default chargeout rate not being overriden by user inputBugfix
Apr 8Bugfix for handling quotes that are accepted after the job was created (adding raw materials to parent job)Bugfix
Apr 8Bugfix for sometimes not remembering state variablesBugfix
Apr 8Fix for keyboard navigation in Quotes for Type selection.Bugfix
Apr 8Moved dollar values to be right aligned in the cells, with decimal points where required.Enhancement
Apr 8Added Duplicate Product functionality.Enhancement
Apr 9Allow user to edit the percentage value for partial invoicesEnhancement
Apr 9Display Tool Tips on products that show individual hardware, cost and labourEnhancement
Apr 9Bugfix for MYOB integration – handling multiple payments for invoices now enter all those payments, and calculate the amount paid properly.Bugfix
Apr 9Handle deleted products when adding quote preset itemsBugfix
Apr 10Handle cabinet vision issues to do with some computers capitalizing and some not capitalizing the various filesBugfix
Apr 11Change the default toolip delay dismiss time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds site wideEnhancement
Apr 11Xero integration now handles leave requestsEnhancement
Apr 15Preventing deleted products from being shown in the product dropdown menu, inside quote presetsBugfix
Apr 16Adding “Style Type” filter to the “Styles” tab.Enhancement
Apr 16Added Part Names and Pricing according to matrix in the Quote TooltipsEnhancement
Apr 17Adding new field to select whether or not a particular product part should populate the raw materials for the job, if a quote with this product is accepted.Enhancement
Apr 17Adding “Style Type” column to the Product Stock Record tabEnhancement
Apr 18Bugfix for state variables in touchscreen pages. This will use the saved state for the user for all touchscreen pages that use the details system.Bugfix
Apr 18Changed the way Job and Lead operations can be completed. Prevents out of sequence completions.Enhancement
Apr 23Bugfix for when you choose a quote preset before the style was set, and then try to set the style afterwards.Bugfix
Apr 23Fixed Percentage Complete issue on Job and Lead Checklist when setting 100% complete. Lead had no complete checkbox, actual date and staff update and Job had Staff update issue.Bugfix
Apr 24An email will go to a nominated address listing the staff members who have not yet logged in on that day as per staff members expected working days.Enhancement
Apr 26Adding “Job Created” column in agenda screens. Also made a change that may fix the state issues on agenda screens on the tablet interface.Enhancement
Apr 26Bugfix for adding percentages to a quote using quote presets, and the percentage value going into the Buy Price column instead of the Unit Price column.Bugfix
Apr 30Adding “Status” field to the Job Appliance Detail PDF printoutEnhancement
Apr 30Allowing the quote introduction editor to be resizedEnhancement