MAY 2019


May 1Changing the way that Jobman calculates which pay rate ID to send across to Xero. This is now based on the “Code” that is set in the PayRateHour. This code should match the name of the pay rate in Xero.Enhancement
May 1First draft of Quickbooks integration. Currently supports synchronising contacts.Feature
May 1Bugfix for not showing the values in the Suburb and Percent Complete columns in the agenda screens on the touchscreenBugfix
May 1Bugfix for product labour in quotes not calculating correctlyBugfix
May 2Bugfix for adding new items, and having the markup set to -100% inside quotes when “CALCULATE_PROFIT_MARGIN_FROM_BUY_AND_SELL_PRICE” is set to “Y”Bugfix
May 2Bugfix for quote preset item not saving when a price is not enteredBugfix
May 2Fixed Touchscreen behaviour for dependent Operations and LeadOperations. Shows selected Operation or LeadOperation percentage complete and prevents setting it higher than dependent minimum.Bugfix
May 2Bug fix for required Lead Operations on the touchscreenBugfix
May 3Bugfix for tablet job specs not showing properly, when on windows, and having the zoom level set to exactly 110%Bugfix
May 3Fixed the way quote item height, width and depth values are rendered, by only showing decimal values that are present.Enhancement
May 6Changed the default order of the Height, Width.Usability
May 6Changed Quote preset items selection to allow multiple preset items to be selected.Enhancement
May 7Adding functionality to use a specified default customer account when transferring invoices across from Jobman to MYOB. This uses a config variable called INTEGRATION_MYOB_USE_DEFAULT_CUSTOMER_IF_MISSING, which when set to “Y” will allow the user to set the default customer code for various job types.Enhancement
May 7Ensuring that style dropdowns inside quotes will be limited by the prescribed styles, that were set up for the products.Enhancement
May 8Ensuring that styles can be selected AFTER adding quote presetsBugfix
May 8Changing Price Matrix async form to have wider fields for Style and Style Type, as well as showing the style type in brackets next to the style.Usability
May 8Bugfix for some quotes occasionally showing totals in red, due to the calculated value being off by one cent when using percentage items in the quote.Bugfix
May 9Adding grouping (headings) to quote itemsEnhancement
May 12Changing the way that styles can be applied to products. This is a lot more intuitive now, and should resolve some issues we’ve been seeing with usability. When editing a product, the style types underneath a price matrix only apply to that price matrix, and the style types in the product items only apply to those product items.Usability
May 17Removed the “Autofill” item from Products.Usability
 Allowing the user to select the number of capacity planning panels by using the config variable CAPACITY_PLANNING_NUM_PANELSEnhancement
 Bugfix for some agenda screens showing up as blank on the touchscreen, when using iOS.Bugfix
 Added ability to choose which quote item types appear on any specific quote templateEnhancement
 Changing product item “PartName” field to “Item Name”Usability
 Bugfix for hitting “Email” or “Print” when creating a new alert.Bugfix
May 21Adding new system for quoting products, called “Product Parts”. This allows the user to make re-usable components, that might be used in multiple products. For example, Ends, Back, etc. These can also be set up to automatically be added to new Products, dependant on their type.Feature
 Making quotes request pricing changes for products all batched together, rather than one at a time.Usability
 Added Product Code to Availability Chart Items in Quotes and Quote Presets.Enhancement
 Bugfix for importing large (20k+) numbers of items into the availability chartbugfix
 Improving performance when adding quote preset items to a quoteUsability
 Bugfix for showing agenda screen information on iOS when a date is blankBugfix
May 31Changes to concatenate the jobs that a person was working on, into the Staff Time and Attendance reportUsaibility
 Made it possible to have multiple Supplier Customer Types. Adds all contacts that have ‘CustomerTypeCanHavePurchaseOrder’ set to Y to Supplier selection in Stock and Appliance Suppliers.Bugfix
 Fixed colour scheme in Capacity Planning by creating a contrasting text colour to the background colour (black or white)Bugfix
 Added ability to set the sort order for Agenda Screen.Usability
 Preventing stock items from showing in the choose form when less than 0Bugfix
 Fixed Touchscreen percent complete issue for Leads, causing an empty percentage to be set to 100%. Now if not defined, set to 0%.Bugfix
 Display Staff Firstname and Staff Surname on the Time & Attendance report.Usability
 Bug fix for Lead Checklist where existing Staff entries were over-written. Also added code to prevent new entries with less than 100% completion to record StaffID.Bugfix
 Bugfix for the quote and quote item reportsBugfix
 Bug fix for Touchscreen percentage complete.Bugfix
 Performance improvement when showing quotes, and adding quote preset itemsPerformance
 Bug fix for Availability Chart items not being saved when selected from Product Code in Quotes and Quote Presets.Bugfix