MARCH 2019


Mar 1Fixed up the job appliance detail report so that it now stretches, and also added the site address, site suburb, site state and site postcode to the filtered resultsEnhancement
Mar 5Adding “Installer” to the schedule filters boxEnhancement
Mar 5Ability to send emails to multiple contacts within a companyEnhancement
Mar 5Make sure only a user with Payroll can add Payroll to another userSecurity
Mar 5Bugfix for floating point conversions when calculating GSTBugfix
Mar 5Bugfix for updating styles in a quote, when the confirmation prompt is not shown.Bugfix
Mar 5Slight changes to MYOB integration, to handle Service invoices, and to prevent the “Promised Date” to be set by the due date fieldBugfix
Mar 5Adding system to allow the user to use the Buy and Sell prices set in the availability chart, to do quoting. This will calculate the profit margin based on these figures.Enhancement
Mar 5Added Show button next to Parent ID in Work Orders to open Parent Job form.Enhancement
Mar 5Added Colour column to Operation Type, show actual background colour in the field and set text colour to black or white, dependent on background colour.Enhancement
Mar 5Made text colour black or white, dependent on operation background colour.Enhancement
Mar 7Adding “Import CSV” button for Job Raw MaterialsEnhancement
Mar 8Added Country field to Contacts.Enhancement
Mar 8Handling square metre rates in availability chart items when making quotes. Also handling square metre rates in products, again in quotes.Bugfix
Mar 9Bugfix for calculating lead times when extra tasks were added after the job was createdBugfix
Mar 11Bugfix for production report not showing the correct totalBugfix
Mar 11Bugfix for job spec printout so that you can selectively turn on the N/A answers on the job spec printoutBugfix
Mar 11Handling sundry sell price in quotes when CALCULATE_PROFIT_MARGIN_FROM_BUY_AND_SELL_PRICE is set to ‘Y’.Bugfix
Mar 11Updating tooltip for profit margin when viewing quote, to show net profit and profit marginEnhancement
Mar 11Making sundry prices carry through from the quote preset itemsBugfix
Mar 11Added Billing Country to Contact and added ENTITY_COUNTRY to config table.Enhancement
Mar 12Added colour selection to Lead Operation Types and added selected colours to Target CalendarEnhancement
Mar 12Added N/A All to Lead ChecklistEnhancement
Mar 13Added Duration to Job ChecklistEnhancement
Mar 13Adding Style Type to product matrices, which helps to select which price matrix is applicable to certain quote items.Enhancement
Mar 13Moved the default cursor position in Quote Items from Item to Type when clicking ‘Add new item’.Enhancement
Mar 13Added Target Time to Agenda ScreenEnhancement
Mar 14Bugfix for calculating the markup percentage in quotes, that wasn’t handling percentages properly.Bugfix
Mar 15Updated the way open alerts are displayed in trigger emailsEnhancement
Mar 15Bugfix for some quote preset items not showing properly in the quote preset item list when strange data is present in other ID fieldsBugfix
Mar 18Added page orientation to purchase order templateEnhancement
Mar 18Bugfix for agenda screens, to make them remember the sizes of job and lead windows, and also to show the cabinet and sheet targets properly.Bugfix
Mar 18Bugfix for product price matrix price selectionBugfix
Mar 20Made staff full name the signature name, if signature name available.Enhancement
Mar 25Prevent showing targets for jobs/leads that have since been deleted.Bugfix
Mar 26Add some code to the template system for printing quotes, which will allow you to add placeholders like this {$JobSpecQuestion.HeadingName.Comments}Enhancement
Mar 29Quoting labour costs in quotesEnhancement
Mar 30Product cost calculation with reference to product dimensionsEnhancement