Aaron Crees

February 2023

  1st Feb Allowing the products phone interface to scan many different barcode protocols, not just QR codes. Enhancement 8th Feb  Updating quote item report, to show: * Section name when displaying the section parent quote item * Parent quote number for quote items that are inside a section * Ability to show quote item …

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February 2020

Hide Panel Menu Edit Text Editor Widgets Panel Content Style Advanced Text Editor Add Media Add FormVisualText Feb 3 Performance improvements for showing jobs in the job report Usability Feb 3 Making target calendar printout show segments. This makes it easier to see how many people you have scheduled to work on an operation of …

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January 2020

Jan 9 Bugfix for Financial Report where when a PO was deleted, the PO details would remain. Bugfix Jan 9 Bugfix for the occasional duplicate record in the Availability Chart SCV export. Bugfix Jan 9 The Job Status Dropdown in a Job Window was all Job Statuses and was not limiting this drop down list …

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