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The touchscreen interface has been designed to streamline procedures that relate to  factory and fabrication environments. The touchscreen relies on the use of a Staff Pin to login, Job/Lead number and selecting the task and labour centre to record time against.

There are five major areas and quick access menus within this interface as shown below:

  • Operations 
  • Dispatch
  • Delivery 
  • Alerts 
  • Products 

The Operations menu is the default menu that opens up once the touchscreen interface loads.

This lesson and topic content and will cover more on the usability and purpose of individual menus within the factory touchscreen interface.

Operations Menu

Logging Job or Lead Operations or tasks is the driving force behind Jobman software as it creates live and precise job data specific to each individual user. This menu and functionality is also closely linked to time and attendance for all members of staff.

To find out more about the Operations menu within the tablet interface, please Click Here.  This will provide a comprehensive breakdown on how to log onto the system and record time on jobs. 

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