The tablet interface offers instant access to 

  • Products that are entered into a job manually in the ‘Products’ Tab.


  • Products that have been auto populated into the ‘Products’ Tab from other manufacturing software like Cabinet Vision with the use of SyncBack Pro. 
The Products menu on the touchscreen interface acts as a digital checklist that makes use of Barcoding and QR coding to record and check off the statuses of products through the manufacture processes and Product operations defined in the system. 

For users to access each job specific product checklist they should carry out the following steps:

  1. Select the ‘Product’ Menu on the touchscreen as shown.
  2.  Fill all required fields which include, Staff Pin, Job Number or Work Order Number as well as select the Product Type operation.

Note: If an Operation or Product Type Operation is not selected and ‘Enter’ is selected the Product list will automatically populate as shown in the ‘Product List’ Pane to the left. These products that have populated in this pane are the products specific to the job number entered and this list showcases which status or process that each product has been checked off in, allowing users to identify what step is comes next in the process.

Users can identify and select which operation comes next in the process and they can select it from the ‘Operation’ drop down menu as shown.

When an Operation is selected the ‘Show’ button will activate as shown below.

After selecting the ‘Show’ button the digital product checklist window opens allowing users to  check off individual product items within each operation. Products on the list can be checked off manually by ticking each individual box or via a wireless or Bluetooth scanner connected to the tablet or PC that is running the Jobman software. 


As shown below, when Product list ‘Total’ and the ‘Ticked’ number values match, these fields go green, meaning that all products have been checked off within the particular status or operation selected.