The Touchscreen interface has been designed for ease of use and efficiency on the factory floor.

General>Time and Attendance>Touchscreen is where Touchscreen interface can be accessed from.

If you are setting up a tablet for workers to log onto on the factory floor, type in into google chrome on your tablet. This will bring up the Touchscreen interface without them being able access to the rest of the system.

Logging onto a Job

By default, the screen is in Operations mode as indicated below. You can easily log onto a Job or a lead by carrying out the following steps 



Enter your staff pin number.

This can be done by using the on-screen keypad or a keyboard on a PC. 

 NOTE :-The Staff PIN needs to be entered first for anything else to work in the touch screen interface.



You can either enter the Job Number if the number is known OR alternatively you can use the SEARCH icon button. 

If you use the Search function you can start typing the client name or part of the job number. You will need to enter 3 or more characters to start the search. The active jobs will automatically populate for you to make the selection of the required job number.

 NOTE :- There is an available option to include “Finished Jobs” in the search criteria. Simply tick the check box to “Include finished jobs” before you start typing to search.



Select your Labour Centre. (Labour centre is the particular department within your factory or company).


Select a Task relative to your selected labour centre.

By selecting the Labour Centre, the Task options are limited to the ones within the selected Labour Centre.



Press Enter once the task has been selected.



 NOTE: Once all these fields have been entered and you press ENTER you will notice that the log On button activates.

Step 6 – Press the Log on Button.
You will presented with a notice that is date and time stamped that you have been logged onto that job. 

Once you logged into a job and you enter your Staff PIN again, all information previously selected will be shown automatically.

In addition, the Log On button is now replaced by the Pause and Log Off buttons and the Complete button is also active. 

Job Details indicate the job and details that the particular Staff PIN number is logged into.

Operation Details show the operations and tasks that particular Staff PIN number or staff member have logged into.


The ‘Pause’ functionality of your touch screen

The ‘Pause’ functionality is used when you know that you will be working on the same job for a period of time and you will revisit and continue working on that job. 


Using the Pause button stops recording time against this job, but you are still logged in. When you come back next time, all previously entered information is still displayed and you can simply Log On again and it will record against the same job number. 

Once you press the Pause Button.
You will presented with a notice that is date and time stamped that you have paused that job.

The ‘Log Off’ functionality of your touch screen

The Log off function can be used when you need to start another job whilst already logged into your current job.



During this process it is better practice to select a percentage complete of the job when you log off to highlight and that indicates and stamps your progression on that job.

Once you have gauged and selected the percentage complete on a task you can press Log Off.

You will presented with a notice that is date and time stamped that you have Logged off that job. 

When you have logged off a job and you log in next time, you have to re-select the all the Details as shown above in Steps 1-6 

The ‘Complete button’ 

Using the Complete button means that you have 100% finished your selected Task. This checks it off in the Job Checklist and records who and when that task was finished.


When you have finished a task on a job you mark the job as Complete.

Once you press the COMPLETE Button.
A Completion Confirmation window will pop up confirming with you if the task is 100% complete. You have the option to Undo or press OK. 

If you Press
OK You will presented with a notice that is date and time stamped that you have logged off that job. 

The ‘Task out of order!’ Pop up notice 


When logging into a Job and carrying out Steps 1-6 highlighted above you may  receive a pop up alert ‘Task out of order!’ 

This alert indicates that there are tasks that should have been completed before you should commence work on that particular task. A great indicator to double check with management before commencing any work.