Alerts can be created from the smartphone or tablet interface which allows a photo to be taken and attach it automatically to the notification or it can also be uploaded from existing photos on your devices.

Alerts on a Smartphone

To access Alerts off a smartphone. Login using the mobile interface. Under Menu select ‘Alerts’




1. To add a photo simply click on the Upload a file button and choose the camera button, take the photo and click OK. This will take a few seconds while the photo uploads. You can keep repeating this process up 4 photos. Adding some details of the Alert will inform the person what the Alert is about. These Alerts will now be visible from the Job Book/Alerts screen.2. You can click on an image to add details about the Alert and save these details to this Alert.3. On the far right of the search box is a button that allows for searching all Alerts created for this Job Number. Clicking on one of these will load the Alert to edit. This may be used to correct details or look at an image from the phone.

Alerts on Touchscreen & Tablet Interfaces 

Touchscreen Interface :

Alerts off the touchscreen interface is simply a method for factory users to create and record alerts. 

For users to record ‘Alerts’ off the touchscreen interface they should carry out the following steps:

  1. Select the ‘Alerts’ Menu on the touchscreen as shown.
  2.  Fill in all required fields which include, Staff Pin, Job Number or Work Order Number as well as select the Type of Alert and the Due Date. There is also a details section for users to provide information regarding the alert.
  3.  If required you can upload an image file either from taking a picture off your phone or, you can upload images from your image library on your device.
  4. Once all details regarding the Alert are entered you can click ‘Save’ Button to record the alert.

Once the Alert is saved, a window will pop up letting you know that the Alert saved successfully under the job. You will also find that the date & time stamped alert record shows up in the  ‘Alerts Details Pane’ on the bottom left of the screen. Each Alert record created will show the Alert type, Alerts Status, Date and time as well as the person who raised the alert. 

Tablet Interface : 
Using the Alerts under the Tablet interface provides users with more functionality with regard to the Alerts feature whereas the touchscreen only creates and records Alerts. 
With the tablet interface users will be able to record and create Alerts, view Alert listings and statuses as well as edit and email Alerts to relevant staff members to action the Alert. 
For more information and guidelines on Alerts using a tablet interface please Click Here…