Jobman Champion

Why a Jobman Champion?

Jobman is integral manufacturing software that has many aspects. The setup and integration are foundational to the success it will have within your company.  It is essential the right people are trained in how to best set up Jobman for the desired results. It will be this/these person/s that will know how to make changes to the system as your company continues to change and grow.

Who should be the Jobman Champion?

The champion/s selection should be someone from management or someone who is being considered as management material. This person needs a line of communication with management and the direction the company is embarking on. They should know existing systems and procedures so that they can be emulated within Jobman. 

For smaller companies, this might be the owner of the business. Medium companies might choose a general/operations manager. Larger companies might choose one for each department, Sales, Manufacturing and/or a General Manager. 

Selecting the wrong person could be a costly exercise with associated re-training costs.

  • Someone who is considering leaving for whatever reason.
  • Someone that does not understand most aspects of the business.

“Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal”

Understanding your business’s processes and procedures and having these documented will help set up Jobman. If you have never done this before then rolling out Jobman will clearly define what these are for you. Roles and responsibilities will also aid in setting up. Setting up each page in itself is not a long process; it is the thought process that will consume most of the time. The initial 4 hours of setting up Jobman should have you underway for recording data into Jobman. The ability to fine-tune this process can take some time but the more that is set up and understood from the beginning will save time in moving forward.

The roll-out of Jobman can be left to your own discretion but it is advisable to roll out in the same process that your workflows. From Sales to Quoting to Drafting right through to Install. It is advisable that new Jobs use Jobman while existing work uses old. This process can happen in a week or could take months depending on the emphasis you place on the importance of its role in your company. These time frames assume that all other factors such as an existing server or new server and required hardware are in place and are in a suitable and operating status. Onsite software backup is your responsibility unless Jobman is providing this service for you. Now included in your yearly maintenance fee. Please check to make sure that this is happening one way or another and is a good litmus test to see if this document has been read.

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail”

Goal setting is an important part of the implementation of Jobman and will help drive its usefulness in a shorter time span. Several items must be set up prior to use of Jobman and the time has taken is largely dependent on the size of your company, types of work that you do and what you want out of Jobman. Jobman is no different from any other type of system, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

“Rubbish in rubbish out”

Accurate data entry is essential and staff not recording data because they do not want to change will introduce a weak link in your company or the break in the chain because they do not want to or do not understand or are not in a position to understand the importance of such systems.

Existing Staff Lists, Supplier Lists and regular contacts such as Builders supplied to your Jobman integrator prior to integration in an electronic format preferably. CSV or .XLS can reduce time in data entry.


Please follow the outlined courses in sequential order as this guide is designed to help you set up Jobman so that you get more out of it sooner. If any of these steps do not apply to you please ignore as you probably have not purchased them or were not recommended for your business structure.

NOTE: Jobman is a database system and every entry (a record) has an ID number associated with it. When setting up Jobman it is recommended that you do not delete template records but rename them or turn their value to N. This will ensure that related records do not lose their links.

It is advised that the Jobman Client “Client” employs a computer literate person that is responsible for Computer and Information Systems and has a key role in the implementation of Jobman. This person should be well versed in company procedures and have authority to sway or make company decisions and be able to ask other people to follow directions.