The Job Details menu can be accessed when each job is opened up. You can access the Details menu in a job by selecting the details tick box  as shown.

This Details Menu viewing pane can be adjusted in size if you hover over the Job tabs until you mouse cursor turns into the adjustment symbol   as shown below.

You can resize the viewing pane by clicking and holding the left mouse button and dragging your mouse cursor up or down. 


 NOTE:  Jobman remembers your last saved state of the details pane specific to your user login. If you adjust the pane according to your preferences and you click ‘Save’   in the Job it will revert to the last saved state of your Details menu just before you pressed Save when you open the next job .  

The images below illustrate this Note:

Click ‘Save’ 

When you reopen any Job the Details Menu will be in the same state as previously saved.