As Jobman is a web based application you can benefit from tabbed browsing in Google Chrome.

Right click on an open Jobman tab (1) and select Duplicate (2). This opens a copy of your Jobman tab. You can have as many open tabs as you need. 


Benefits of duplicating Jobman tabs in your google chrome browser :-

  • Efficiency – saves time and eliminates the need to back track and navigate through multiple screens.
  • Convenience – you can compare screens or tabs when menu items are related to one another.
  • Ease of Use –   using the functionality of Google’s tabbed browsing such as:
    • Dragging a tab to a new window. Left click and hold the browser tab that you would like to open in a new window and drag the tab down.  Wherever you let go of the left mouse button that browser tab will open up in a new window . This feature is also useful if you have a second monitor.
    • CTRL/TAB – this will alternate between your open tabs in google chrome .