As Jobman is a web based application you can benefit from tabbed browsing feature in Google Chrome.

Right click on an open Jobman Tab (1) and select Duplicate (2). This opens up a copy of your open tab. With Jobman you can duplicate as many screens as required when necessary.

Benefits of duplicating Jobman tabs in your google chrome browser :-

  •  Efficiency – this will save you a lot of time having to work and navigate your way back through the software to find a particular menu or setting. 


  • Convenience – you can compare screens or tabs when menu items are related to one another.
  • Ease of Use –   you can use some useful functionality of google’s tabbed browsing such as:
    • Drag a tab to a new window. Left click and hold the browser tab that you would like to open in a new window and drag the tab down.  You will notice that the tab screen minimises. Wherever you let go of the left mouse button that browser tab will open up in a new window . This feature can be very useful if you have a second monitor.
    • CTRL/TAB functionality if you hold down CTRL on your keyboard and then press TAB. This will alternate between your open tabs in google chrome .