Presenting and laying out your report data has never been easier. Many of the reports within Jobman have an efficient grouping feature that groups filtered report data and presents it in an easy to read manner according to your own preferences.

You can access this feature in these reports by selecting any field’s column drop down menu within the report and selecting ‘Group By This Field’ (as shown below).
You will notice that all the report data will be grouped according to the field heading that was selected. In the case of the example below the report is grouped by ‘Staff name’.
Note: To toggle between a ‘Grouped’ view and the normal listed report view just tick or untick the ‘Show in Groups’  option in the drop down menu as shown.
Any field within the same report can be selected and you can choose to group your data by which ever field column in your reports. As an example, the Time and attendance report below has been grouped by Job Number and displayed in chronological order.
With this example of report grouping you will be able to analyse all the entries made and time recorded by each staff member under each Job Number.   
Note: When printing a filtered report, the report will print in the same style,grouping and format as displayed in the report screen just before you select the ‘Print Filtered Report’ .
For more information on Reports within Jobman please click here.