The footer section of any screen has several functions;

  1. Long lists are split up into pages. Use the left and right arrows to navigate to the next or previous page.
  2. Sometimes a change on a popup is not reflected in the list. Use the Refresh button to update the screen content.
  3. The amount of records listed is shown. The displayed amount and the total amount of records are shown. 
    The arrow button is only available if the list goes over one page.
  4. The screen content can be searched by any phrase in any column. This feature is described in more details below.


Search function (shown above in ‘4’)

The search function allows any column to be searched by any value. You can also search by a partial value with the Percentage (%) ‘wildcard’ character. 

Searching reduces the list to the specified search parameters. An empty list indicates that no results could be found.

Clicking on the search icon allows specific columns to be selected for a search. By default all columns are included.

Once you entered content into the search field, click the magnifying glass icon or the use the key to start the search. 

To clear the search field, click the X icon. This clears the input field and displays the full list again.

Clicking on the Search Icon allows you to refine the search by specifying which column(s) to include in the search. Use the upward and downward arrows (identified below) to see the full list of options. The Select All checkbox allows to check or uncheck all options with one click. This is useful when you want to clear all columns and only select a few or to include all columns again.