The header options depend on the list content. Sorting is available in most cases, but it may result in an empty list occasionally, depending on the column to be sorted. Filters depend on the selected list. 

Other options may include the creation of a new record or exporting content. These options will be covered in a different section. 

Sorting the list

On first load, the lists are sorted by a default column. The column used for sorting is highlighted and the direction is indicated by a small arrow. 
The screenshot below shows the list sorted by Project Name in ascending order.

To sort by a specific column, simply click on the column header. The list will then be sorted by the selected column. 

To change the sort direction you have 2 options. Either click on the same header again or click on the header arrow and select the direction.


Filter Options

Depending on the page you are on, filter options are displayed that are relevant to the list.

The example below shows the list to be filtered by Flat Pack.  


After you make a selection of one or more options, click outside the box and the screen will be refreshed with the filtered values.

In the example above, only one record meets the filter condition.

To clear the filter, open the filter popup again and deselect all options. Click outside the box and the list will be refreshed with all entries showing.