The configuration of the columns on any Jobman screen can be personalised to suit the individual user. Any changes you make are only visible to you so it does not interfere with any other users. 

  • Users can select which columns to display.
  • Change the order of the columns.
  • Adjust the width of the columns.

Select which columns to display

By moving the mouse over a column, a downward arrow appears.

Clicking on the downward arrow opens a small popup with 3 options.

Move the mouse over Columns (1) to show all available columns.
If the list of options is long, you will see a small upward arrow at the top of the list (2) and a small downward arrow at the bottom. Click on the arrow icons to show more options.


All items that are ‘ticked’ will be displayed as columns.

Change the display order


To change the position of a column, click on the column you wish to move and drag it to the desired position. The blue upward and downward arrows indicate where the column will be positioned.

Change the column width

To change the column width, place the cursor between the column headers and to the right of the column to be changed.

Once you are in the right place, a double arrow will appear. Now click the mouse and keep it depressed, while adjusting the width.

The arrow will show you where the new width will be. Let the mouse go and the new column width will be set.

To set job screen height please note the following image.