Jobman can now be integrated with Caesarstone to make your ordering faster and easier. With a single click, your order will go directly into Caesarstone’s system so you can receive your goods faster and with less hassle.

There is a few things that will need to be set up once this feature has been purchased.

Integration Set Up

Enter Caesarstone as a Contact.

Set up Caesarstone as a Brand. (as shown below)

Add Caesarstone as a Stock Supplier and set the Stock Supplier Class to Caesarstone. (as shown below)

Update your Availability Chart with Caesarstone’s products. (You will need to contact Caesarstone for their product list).

Under Admin/Extra/Config type caesar into the search bar at the bottom of the screen to find the config variables.

You will need to contact Caesarstone to obtain the values for the config variables shown above with Caesarstone to supply. The User Email config variable needs to bet set with the email address that you use for your purchase orders.

Once this is set up you will then be able to use the Send to Caesarstone button at the bottom of your purchase order. This button will only appear on Caesarstone purchase orders. (see below)