This page will help you set up your Jobman installation, so that a staff member can request leave in Jobman, and it will automatically transfer across to Xero.

Step 1:

Set up your leave types in Jobman to match your leave types in Xero. The Code in Jobman must exactly match the Leave name in Xero.

Step 2:

Create some Operation Types in Jobman, that match these leave types. It is important that you select the “Is Leave” checkbox, and choose which Leave Type this Operation Type refers to.

Step 3:

Create an internal job, with the Project Name of “Leave”.


Step 4:

Enter some tasks into that job, and select the Operation Types for Leave that you created earlier.


Entering Leave into Jobman:

To enter leave into Jobman, fill out your timesheet so that the Job is “Leave”, and the task is the type of leave that you want to take. 

 Note: When applying duration for the leave in the staff timesheet, for example: to apply 7.6 hours you will require a duration of 7.36 hours, and if you require to apply 8.0 hours leave, you will require to apply 7.57 as the duration.

Reviewing the leave in Xero:

Once the timesheet has synchronised with Xero, the leave application(s) will show up in the Payroll -> Leave section.

Deleted or changed leave:

If a user deletes, or changes some leave requests in their timesheet, then these will show up in the Xero interface as items marked “Deleted – please reject”.  These entries must be manually deleted in Xero.