Integration – Initial Setup

Quickbooks Online integration will provide the following features for your Jobman software.

  • Synchronise Contacts
  • Synchronise Invoices
  • Synchronise Time and Attendance (see notes at the bottom). 

If you have purchased Quickbooks integration from Jobman then please follow the following steps.

To connect your Jobman installation to Quickbooks Online, you need to first ensure that you have level 5 access to Jobman, and also an account with Quickbooks Online for the business you want to connect to Jobman.

Then inside Jobman, go to Admin->Control panel, and then choose “Connect to Quickbooks Online”.  Then click on the “Integrate with Quickbooks Online” button.

You will then need to sign into your Quickbooks Online account.

Timesheet Integration

Once timesheets have been sent across to Quickbooks Online, you need to then import them into Keypay.

QBO uses third party software for its time and attendance. The API for this software does not allow for Sick Leave or Overtime rates to import directly into QBO. While the total hours will import, the process of manual correction will need to be done for Overtime and Sick Pay.