Jobman and Hafele now have a direct send purchase order integration link active, which makes your purchase ordering even more time efficient. To learn more on how to set up the direct supplier integration and also see how to send a purchase order, please watch the video demonstration.

If you still require further assistance on the Hafele integration, please read the below to learn how to easily set up this feature, and sync your Hafele supplier purchase orders within Jobman, simply follow these below steps.

  1. You will need to be an Admin (level 5) user to access the Control Panel under Admin.
  1. In Admin, scroll down to the Extra heading, and then click on Control Panel.
  1. In the top left, under Actions, expand out the drop-down option under Menu, and click on Configure Hafele Integration. Note: If you do not see the Configure Hafele Integration option as shown here, email support@jobman.com.au to have this activated by our support team.
  1. Enter your Hafele API credentials (supplied by Hafele) as shown below, you will require to enter your username, password and the license key will be the same as the username (just copy/paste). Note: The Sales Organisation will be a default code of AA01 (please don’t change this). Once the details are entered, click on Save.


Once the above step is complete, while under Admin Panel, scroll up to Inventory/Stock Suppliers, and click on Stock Suppliers.


  1. Open the Hafele stock supplier that is existing and ensure the Stock Supplier is listed as Hafele as shown below and click Save to update. 
  1. The final set-up step will be your Delivery Location, which will be required to be set up so your purchase order delivery location auto populates through to Hafele for every purchase order. Under Admin/Inventory, click on Delivery Locations.   


Note: If only you haven’t set this up previously, will you need to click on add new record, to add in the required delivery location details.


The next step is to populate all the fields as shown below with your delivery address details and click on save.            

  1. Now the Hafele integration is set up, you can test the saved credentials and create a purchase order. Go back to General/Accounts/Purchase Orders. 


  1. Inside the purchase orders area, click on Generate Purchase Order to get started. 
  1. Select the supplier Hafele and all the current items that are awaiting in the pool of purchase order items for the preferred supplier Hafele will add to the order, you can also add more items from the availability chart items below, as shown in the below example. Once the items are added, click on Save to finish creating the purchase order.       

Note: The Hafele purchase orders have been currently set to a 20 items max limit per order. If you have more than 20 items sitting in the purchase order pool items, it’s recommended to still go forward and create the purchase order, once created, you will be able to use the ‘Split’ purchase order function, to split the order further to reach the required maximum of 20 items. (See the below image)                                       

  1. Sending the purchase order to Hafele, as shown below click on the Send to Hafele button to activate the sync for the purchase order to push through to Hafele. 

Note: After you click on Send to Hafele, you may potentially receive an Error notification, which will advise of any product codes that no longer exist, these will need to be ‘Deleted’ from the purchase order, then click on the Send to Hafele button again.

  1. Once the purchase order has synchronised through to Hafele, you will notice the Send to Hafele button will be greyed out and the PO status will update to ‘Ordered’, click on Save to finish.