Setting up MYOB Integration
  1. When you are going to integrate MYOB with Jobman you need to contact us to help set it up.
  2. Then log into Jobman, and then go to
  3. This should then ask you if you want to allow Jobman access to your data file. You need to
    choose “Yes”.
  4. This will then save the relevant details in the config table so that the link should be working
  5. Make a new user for Jobman to use for accessing the company file. 
  6. Ensure that this account is set up to NOT sign on with a my.MYOB account, otherwise nothing will work.  Below is a screenshot showing what you will see. You will need to enable Cards, Inventory Management, Purchases and Payroll.


Timesheet Integration

To get timesheets to integrate properly, you need to ensure that certain fields match between Jobman and MYOB.

These fields are:

Staff names:
The names of staff must match perfectly between Jobman and MYOB.  If they don’t match, then times won’t move across.

Pay Rate Award Codes:
The Pay Rate Award Codes must match the Employee Payroll Categories for the relevant employees.  A screenshot is below.


Invoice Integration

You need to ensure that the Invoice Status codes match the ones in MYOB.  The default ones in MYOB are: “Open”, “Credit” and “Closed”. 

You also need to find the item in MYOB that corresponds to the item you want all invoice lines to be for.  This item should be able to be sold, and also not have quantities tracked.

Once you have found that item, contact us and tell us the number for that item.