Jobman now supports connecting to Microsoft OneDrive, either using a personal folder, or a shared Sharepoint folder.  This document shows how to connect to a Sharepoint folder. Below in this help article, we will explain how you can easily connect Jobman up to your company sharepoint.


Step 1: Create the shared folder (optional*)


*Note: This step is not required if you already have a SharePoint folder you want to put the Jobman
files inside.

Inside Sharepoint, choose “New” -> “Folder”.


Name the folder something that makes sense for your organisation.

Once the folder has been created, choose “Manage Access”.

Add the staff members or groups, who you want to have access
to this folder.  Remember to give access to the staff member who is going to link Jobman to Onedrive.

Once this is done, you will see the following message notification.

Step 2: Connect Jobman to Onedrive


Note, if you already have
connected Jobman to Onedrive, you will need to choose “Delete Connection to
Microsoft OneDrive” before continuing.


Firstly, choose “Connect to Microsoft OneDrive” from
Admin->Control Panel->Menu.

Then click the button marked “Integrate with Microsoft OneDrive”.


Once you give permission on the Microsoft site, you will be shown this menu:


You can now choose to either connect to a personal OneDrive folder, or a Sharepoint shared folder. 


If you choose to connect to the Sharepoint folder, you then need to choose which folder you want Jobman to connect to. In this example, we are choosing the folder we created earlier (Company Shared Folder).


Once you are happy, click “Save”.

Step 3: Commissioning


Inside the folder you chose earlier, you should notice a new folder called “Jobman Files”.


For all staff that want access to this folder on their desktop machine, you should ask them to choose “Add shortcut to OneDrive”.  This will then make the “Company Shared Folder” show up in their personal OneDrive account.


Here is how the folder looks, inside a personal OneDrive account.

Inside the “Jobman Files” folder, are a few other folders that keep the rest of the files organised.

Step 4: Customisation

If you want to change the names of the folders, or change
the structure of the shared folder, you can do so by editing the configuration
variables that contain the text “ONEDRIVE”.

For example, you might want to have a SharePoint folder that
is just for Jobman, so you don’t need a “Jobman Files” folder inside it.
  In this case, you could remove the text
“/Jobman Files” from all the following configuration variables, and then move the folders around in your Sharepoint folder.
 This would then remove the extra “Jobman Files” subfolder.