Allows you to define and categorise your company’s purchasing into types. Whether its frequent and consistent “Supplier” type purchasing, “Service” type purchasing, “Other” and case or job specific type purchasing of items that you do not carry in stock, Purchase Order type options are pre-configured and can be further customised to suit your purchasing patterns.

Purchase Order type can be found by going to Admin/Inventory/Purchase Order Type as shown below.

To create a new Purchase Order Type, Click the ‘Add Record’  button at the top of your screen. An Edit purchase_order_type window will pop up. Here you can enter all the details in the required fields to create your Purchase Order Type and click ‘Save’


Name : Gives the Purchase Order Type a unique name.

Order: Gives an order to the selection of the PO type when generating a Purchase Order.

Add to Store: This variable has a Yes (Y) or No (N) value. It controls whether or not particular items purchased are added to stock or ‘Warehouse Items’ within Jobman.

Active: Option whether the Purchase Order Type created is Active or not. This variable also has a Yes (Y) or No (N) value.