A typical invoice may contain: The word invoice (or tax invoice);  A unique reference number); The buyer (i.e. the issuer) should treat the invoice as an account payable and the seller should treat it as an account receivable. To set up your required invoice account in Jobman, you will need to be under Admin/Invoices/Invoice Account

Invoice Account Set Up

You will require to set up invoice accounts for both sales revenue and for the cost of goods/purchases. Below shows how to create the invoice account for sales revenue invoices that are sent to customers for a deposit, progress payments, or full invoice payments. 

Sales Revenue Example:

From the above image, the highlighted areas are important that these match your accounting software, to allow the invoice to successfully sync across. When setting up the invoice account, you will require to name it the same, enter the numerical code identical to the code used in your accounting software, also set the same account type, as to where this is mapped to, and then set the correct tax type. For the example above, as this is used for revenue, the tax type needs to be GST on Income. For the customer type, you can apply the filters from the customer types listed in the drop-down menu tab, as you may have separate invoice accounts for Residential and Builder customer types, this depends on how your codes have been set up in your account software.

Cost of Goods/Expense Account:

For the set up of your invoice account for purchases/cost of goods, same principles apply as listed above, you will require to enter the identical name and numerical code as your set up in your accounting software, then map the correct account type, and the required tax type. You can also apply the customer type filter to be supplier, which will apply this account to supplier/bill type invoices when generated. 

Note: To add in more invoice accounts if required, as you could have multiple codes for revenue and purchase of materials,  you can as shown below simply click on the Add Record icon to create more invoice accounts.

Assign Invoice Account Codes to Stock Types:

Once you have set up your required invoice account codes for purchases in Jobman, you can also take the further step and assign the correct account code to each of your stock types, this will auto-populate these for you when a supplier PO invoice is created, saving you time in having to allocate these manually. To assign the invoice account code to stock types, you will need to be under Admin/Inventory/Stock Types. Click on edit record to apply the required account code and then click save.

Note: If you are setting up your invoice account to reference identical as per the setup in your accounting software, please click on the below topic links for MYOB or Xero to learn more on the integration set up for invoice account codes. 

Click here to learn more on setting up the MYOB Integration or here for Xero Integration