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Agenda screens can be utilised for both Lead and Job related activity within your organization. This is a very useful tool to show each staff member what task would be next in order of priority and targets set.

Before we can setup the Agenda Screens successfully we must first assign Lead Operation Types & Job Operations Type to Labour Centres

Agenda screens showcase and list incomplete operations within a particular Labour Centre in order of priority. 

To set up an Agenda Screen, go to Admin>Production>Agenda Screens:

  1. Click Add Record.
  2. Name the Agenda Screen what you want to call it.
  3. Define whether it is a Lead or a Job.
  4. Select the applicable Labour Centre.
  5. ‘Operation required before showing Job on this Screen’. Select what operation must be completed prior to showing on this screen i.e. a job must be Cut and/or Edged before being assembled so both Cut and Edged can be ticked in case the job isn’t edged.   Note: This can be left blank. 
  6. ‘Job Status required before showing on this screen’. Operations are assigned to job statuses so it is important that both are true and the system is being used properly for these screens to work.
  7. ‘Show these Targets’. This is the operation that will appear on the agenda screen. This has to be activated for it to populate on the screen which means all preceding operations have to be completed. 

Messages can also be recorded so that the person commencing the operation can be informed of special instructions.

Agenda Screen functionality allows as many screens as you wish to create within your organization reporting on as many scenarios as you wish.

Once the operation has been completed 100% then it will disappear from this screen and appear on the next if this is setup. Agenda Screen succession can be setup to run many facets of your organization.

You can change the Priority by double clicking on any line item which will take you to the Job Details and go into the Production Specs.

From here you can change the Priority to a lesser value. 1 being the most important, through to 5 being the standard priority.

Specific messages can also be entered to notify the person carrying out that operation on a specific task or for the job in general.

Displaying Operation Notes Added By Touchscreen User
A new added feature for Agenda Screens, is the option for factory staff who are logging time against the job tasks that are displayed on Agenda Screens, can now use the Details text area from when logging time/effort against the required job task being worked on. As shown in the below image, a percentage complete value will be required, and add text into the Details area, once the staff member clicks on Pause or Log Off, after 15 seconds the Agenda Screen will refresh and display this as an operation note under the job number on the Agenda Screen.

Office users can also add an operation note inside the job card in Jobman, simply click open the job, and under Operations tab as highlighted below.

Add in the note in the comments text area, click save. Then after 10-15 seconds it will update to display on the Agenda Screen.

Once the Details are added on the recording of the job task from the touchscreen interface, back on the Agenda Screen this note will now display under the job number and name. This is a great option for factory staff to not only create a job alert for reporting the issue, however allows all factory staff to be now aware of the issue on the job.

Note: If you have added in an operation comment and it doesn’t display on the Agenda Screen, you will need to ensure that the correct Labour Centre is assigned to the operation/task , which also lines up with the Agenda Screena