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To manage staff, go to Admin>Staff>Staff and add a new record or edit existing staff. Complete all fields relevant to staff members. Factory workers normally do not need an email address and signatures but should receive a  Staff PIN. If you have purchased the Time and Attendance / Mobile module of Jobman then a unique 3 or 4 digit code should be supplied to all staff members that will use the Touchscreen system within LAN or WIFI range. 

Access level 5 should be given to people that understand Jobman and are authorised to delete records. It is advisable that you do not give anyone in your company an Access level lower than 2  (Factory Workers) and in general keep access levels to 3 while setting up Jobman. 

Access Levels

1 View only. Restricted access. Username and Password

2 Designed for Pin only access. ie Touch Screen Users only.

3 General View. Modify access. No delete.

4 Higher View. Modify, Access can be set for this level. Can modify others Time Sheets.

5 Full control with access to Admin for Jobman Setup and Delete button.

Staff Working Days & Start Time 

In each staff member there is a section to assign them to working days. This is a feature which carries through to the ‘Staff Log In Notification’ (explained within the Using Jobman course).

Staff Email Signature
For staff who will be assigned access level 3 and will be responsible for sending lead/job correspondence, quotes, purchase orders from out of Jobman. These staff will require the email signature details section populated with the correct business details.
Note: For staff required to send emails out of Jobman you will need to use a company email address as per the Postmark email address registration. Personal email addresses populated will fail to send emails out of Jobman.

Staff Working Hours

The default staff scheduled working hours is set to 7.6 hours per day. This can be changed by going into Admin>Extras>Config and changing the config variable SCHEDULED_DEFAULT_WORKING_HOURS_PER_DAY to suit the amount of hours your staff are scheduled work per day.

Public Holidays

Setting the public holidays can be done under Admin>Staff>Public Holidays. It is important to set these dates so targets are not scheduled to fall on these days. This will need to be updated annually. To add or edit these dates simply click on the Add Record button or edit icon as shown below.