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Currently, Products appear in two places within Jobman and serve two separate purposes.

  1. Products, Product Styles, Product Parts are used for quoting purposes.
  2. The tab in any Job called Products works in combination with phone and tablet functionality for the purpose of tracking products within your manufacturing process. 

(Quote) Products are items that we sell that have a name, height, width and depth dimensions and the combination of Styles, Style Types and when edited Labour and Parts can be added to them. Products can be edited to apply Price Matrix and Style Types that are applicable to this product. E.g. Style Type Drawers are not applicable to a 2-door cabinet. Products can be duplicated to assist with product development.

Note; It is important to have Product Styles and Product Parts setup first before continuing. Please refer to previous chapters on how to do this.

Products can be built on the fly by adding records one by one or importing from a

  • CSV. You can start fresh with your own cabinet names following your own naming convention by exporting the sample existing in the products and renaming the ones that are there or starting fresh by deleting the ones in the export but not deleting the header information.


  • Cabinet Vision, where you can import your quoting library following these steps.
  1. Close your Cabinet Vision software.
  2. Go to the Products tab as pictured below and click the Import CVC from Cabinet Vision button.
  3. Using Windows Explorer navigate to C/Cabinet Vision/ Solid_(software version)/Database as pictured here.
  4. Then import. This should import your Cabinet Libary.

Product times can be added to all products by exporting and populating the minutes into the operations that you want staff to log their time against and then reimport.


Times are where we can add minutes to this product and when applied to a quote, will auto-populate Product Labour so that pricing is assigned to this Product. This will auto-populate the Job when Quote Accepted is selected on the quote.


Parts can be automatically added to Products when setup in Product Parts properly or added one by one for a more customised Product looking like this.

Duplicating a Product

To duplicate any Product, simply click on the duplicate icon of the Product to be duplicated. 
All product-related data will be copied, including Times and Parts.  

Once clicked, a Form will open for you to enter a new Name.

An import of your library via .csv to our products can establish a list of products where capacity minutes of operations can be set so that either importing from Cabinet Vision or creating a quote of products can populate Tasks automatically.

The above data can be easily populated with the. CSV export/import functionality. Operation times can be easily added or edited or percentages applied to operation centres and then re-imported.