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Our aim is to simplify this learning process by breaking it down into small segments. Jobman now offers a structured training plan that can be delivered online in a self-paced format with weekly interactive review sessions. 

By combining both our interactive online training sessions with our pre-recorded tutorial videos, our clients can now progress quickly from the initial onboarding through to the full implementation of the software in 6-8 weeks (select the button below for the set-up process).

Video Tutorials

The Jobman Classic tutorial videos are available for users to watch at any time. These provide an overview of the software and detail the processes for implementation and set-up for your business.

This is a self-paced course but Jobman also offers training review and support via Zoom. Once the set-up has been completed for the topics covered in each tutorial video, click below to book a review session to answer questions and address any issues or concerns. 

NOTE: This is only available for clients onboarding with purchased training hours. Jobman does offer additional paid training and support. Please contact us here for more information or email 

Jobman Classic Set Up Tutorial #1

Jobman Classic Set Up Tutorial #2

Jobman Classic Set Up Tutorial #3

Jobman Classic Set Up Tutorial #4

Jobman Classic Set Up Tutorial #5

Jobman Training Resource Guides & Templates

Below are all the resource templates that you will need for the successful set-up of your Jobman software including a copy of the Jobman User Training Plan. The training plan will be your guide and be your record of your progress. 

Review Sessions and Additional Training

Use the button below to book your one (1) hour review session after the completion of each video tutorial. This session will provide you the opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns. 

If you have exhausted all your Jobman training and support hours, additional hours can be purchased in four (4) hour blocks. Please contact us for more information. 

“Our training and on-boarding with Jobman were 10 out of 10. We couldn’t be happier with the system and the initial set-up training provided. As soon as we started implementing Jobman, it highlighted some inefficiencies in the business we are unaware of and can now address.”

Mark BoldistonKitchen Wise