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  • Quotes can be created from multiple Quote Presets located under Admin – Templates – Quote Presets to allow for quick and easy creation of quotes. There are many types of Quote Presets that you have the ability to create, that will save you a whole lot of time when Quoting. Below provides an overview of the many types of Quote Presets that you can create.

Section Quote Presets:

To add a Section Type Quote Preset do the following.

  1. Click Add new item and select Section as the Item Type. This will add a new line and with the Type as Section.
  2. Click on the Item area and this will bring up a window where you can add a heading for the section and also details about what will be in this section.
  3. You can build a Section quote preset with quote presets or add items as you need them. Tip, add several new items that you will require to save time

You can build Sections with Quote other Quote Presets or Headers, Items, Products, Labour, Availability chart items, or line items as required for this Quote Preset from Item Types on the right by clicking on the Type and select from a drop-down list.

Click save then save again. Repeat this process for all the required Quote Presets that you wish to create sections for, like Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry. Also, you can make up Quote Presets for all item types, like products, benchtops, accessory items, sundries, delivery etc.

Product Quote Presets

Once you have set up your product library in Jobman, you can now create your most commonly quoted products into Presets, for example below shows how you can set up a Quote Presets for Base Products, listing the item type as product, no quantity populated, the classification is Cabinets, the product name listed, plus the height, width and depth as listed in your Products section. 

Availability Chart Item Quote Presets

Jobman provides you with the functionality to use availability chart items (supplier purchase ordered items) listed into Quote Presets for your most frequently used accessory items, like bins, cutlery tray inserts, hardware items, lighting etc. Below shows how you can set these up using the type option of availability chart, which under the item heading provides you with the select icon taking you to select the availability chart item you require to add into the Preset.

Item Quote Presets

You can also choose to create Quote Presets using the type of Item, this is providing the functionality to type in the item description manually and a fixed unit price. These are usually best used for items you require to Quote with that are miscellaneous job items that require estimating, delivery fees or even benchtops that are priced in a linear metre rate.

Other Quote Presets:

There are also many other functions that you can use/add to Quote Presets, as shown below. You can add a new item, then under the type column use the drop-down menu tab to access the options to use: Product, Availability Chart, Heading, Item, Labour, Percentage, Product Labour, Section, Sub Heading, Sub Total, Sundry item types.

Below is a definition of the item type functions available to use in Quote presets and Quotes:

  • Availability Chart: Provide the option to select certain availability chart items to add to the Preset, and when used in a Quote, can populate in the Job raw materials once Quote is accepted.
  • Heading: Appear as Bold and displays on the quote. Percentages cannot read above this line.
  • Item: Items can be a unit or simple quantifier of a unit price. Whole units or part values such as 3.4 can be used, ideal for Lineal metre pricing.
  • Product: Allows you to select under the item column using the drop down tab, selected products that you want to assign to the preset, this could all or just your most frequently Quoted products..
  • Labour: This allows you to assign a cost/rate against operation types in addition to product labour.
  • Product Labour: This allows you to add in the operation types that you have operation time assigned in your products, so these times auto calculate in the Quote when you apply qty against products.
  • Section: are quote subsections with their own style overrides. They can also be quantified, duplicated and deleted.
  • Sub Heading: This allows you to have a group of items or products named, for example, Base Cabinets. Note: a subheading is designed to be indented when displayed in a Quote, whereas a Heading won’t be. 
  • Subtotal: Subtotals tally off to the last Heading or Subheading.
  • Sundry: This allows you to select the set Quote Sundry items that are required to estimate for the job, these could be electrical, plumbing item requirements or even site travel or accommodation costs required to be included in a Quote. 
Setting up Quote Presets:
When you select add a new record or even if you select duplicate an existing Quote Preset, ensure you give the Preset a name, add in the required Quote Preset notes, apply a sort order number.  Under the items area, it is recommended to start with a Heading or Sub Heading, then list all the products, items or availability chart items underneath. Also, it is recommended to remove the Qty of 1 that is populated against items added to the Preset, as you will add the qty required to these items when using these in the Quote. To remove the qty of 1, you will need to click to the right of the number 1, hit backspace on your keyboard, then insert 0 and then hit the tab button. The last step is to assign the classification for the Preset items, you have many options to choose from, and this will assist in reporting on Quote items, as classification is a report filter option.

Note: If this is going to a frequently used Preset, apply a lower-order number that will keep it a the top of the list, less used Preset can be assigned a higher-order number to keep it towards the bottom of the list.

Items in the Quote Preset are also added with an order number, if you require items to be changed around, you just require the order column to be showing, then you can edit the order number assigned to the item you require to shift up or down.